Who looks sexier - Jenny McCarthy or Jim Carrey

Who looks sexier - Jenny McCarthy or Jim Carrey

Who had the sexiest bod and swimsuit on the beach, last week?

Well, it might just be a tie.

Anyway, sexy black one-piece halter top monokini swimsuits were popping up on the beach last week, eclipsing those celebrity favorite bikinis.

We just love this duel in matching his and her one piece black halter top monokini swimsuits.

Who do you think looks sexier, Jenny McCarthy or Jim Carrey?

Hum, Jenny has a great tan that really radiates from her well tone body.

Jim on the other hand, looks pale by comparison.

Yep, Jim is really pale, but it only the start of the summer season, so Jim has time to acquire a golden tan.

Jenny certainly wins out in the cleavage department as she shows some great curves. Although Jim might be flat chested and hairless, his broad shoulders add strength to the plunging black halter top.

Jenny McCarthy blond hair and orange tinted sun glasses reflect the sun's beams and those warm colors of summer.

While Jim Carrey prefers basic black - black cap, black sun glasses and some black facial hair. Anyway, its great to see a couple sharing, especially their swimwear.

This could be the start of a beautiful summer trend, with his and her designer beachwear.

Love to see some hot guys in Brazilian thong bikini bottoms.

Watch the video tape for more of Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey.

Hot Sand - Sexy Sandals

Walking along the beach bear foot in the waves is exhilarating and romantic.

Chandra Green Sandals with colorful beaded fabric embellishment

However, as the sun rays beat down upon the sand, it slowly heats the sand into a hot bed of coals.

Walking across this burning sand can prove painful for your feet and toes.

It seems we always forget to apply sun screen to our feet and toes, and our feet tend to burn and ache if we wear those rubbery water flip flops.

Now there is a solution that is both sexy and easy on your feet.

I just love these Chandra Green Sandals.

The sandals come with colorful beaded fabric embellishment which draws attention to your feet, yet the fabric material does not dig into you foot as some of the rubbery flip flop sandals.

The non-slip, man made sole gives you extra traction when walking on a boat deck or carrying drinks by the pool.

Just the right combination to enhance your summer time look, while protecting your feet from the hot sands, broken shells, glass and other items laying on the beach or providing that extra bit of traction while walking on a boat deck or at the pool.

If you cannot see the video clips or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Jenny and Jim on beach.

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