LIE Telugu Movie Review

Nithiin, Megha Akash, Arjun Sarja, Sriram, Ravikishan, Brahmaji, Prithviraj and Brahmanandam
Hanu Raghavapudi

Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta, Anil Sunkara

Since the 'first look' poster of Nithiin's LIE (Love, Intelligence, Enmity) was released, the curiosity surrounding the movie has been rising by the day. Director Hanu Raghavapudi reveals to Hyderabad Times, the true nature of the central characters of this much anticipated action drama

As Chaitra, the girl-next-door who's a miser to the core - Megha Akash

Megha plays a lively, bubbly, girl-next-door, Chaitra. Stingy to the core, she is a first-rate miser and will have the audience in splits with her quirks. She has dreams of her own and forms the 'love' element in LIE.

As aadi, the unexpected game changer - 
Playing Aadi, Srikanth aka Sriram of Okariki Okaru fame features in the 'Enmity' section of the plot. The narrative flow of the film changes track completely with his arrival. While Aadi is not instrumental in this change personally, his actions end up giving the vital thrust to the proceedings, albeit inadvertently.

As Satyam, a hero you've never seen before - 
NithiinAnd lastly,
The star of the show — Satyam. He's got two aspects to his personality, only one of which is reflected in the look with the beard. All I can say is that Nithiin has never played such a role in his career before. I'm very confident that his performance will appeal to both fans and critics alike.

As ajay, the 'self-made' gangster - Ajay

Ajay, plays a namesake who shows up in the middle of the film as a gangster. I should probably call him a self-made gangster (laughs). While Ajay may not have as much screen time as the others, he will have a big impact for sure. It was role that needed a seasoned actor like Ajay as it had the potential to mar the proceedings of the rest of the film, if not etched out properly. It's difficult to put his role in words, but you'll be able to understand it when you watch the film.

As Padmanabham, the stylish villain with a peculiar obsession - Arjun

He is not your everyday villain. Everyone has some obsession in life: if it's money for some, it's women for others and so on. Arjun has a unique obsession in LIE and it drives the plot of the film. His obsession is central to
the whole film. We did not plan a stylish look for Arjun just for the sake of it. It's actually in keeping with his characterisation.

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