Happy Happy Ga telugu movie review

Movie : Happy Happy Ga
Rating: 1.75/5
Cast : Varun Sandesh, Vega, Sharanya Mohan, Ali, Ravi Shankar, M S Narayana
Directed by : Priya Saran
Produced by : Vadlamudi Durga Pras
Banner : Ocean Movies
Music : Mani Sharma
Release Date : 2010-08-20


A triangular love story among three young hearts is basically the story of Happy Happy Ga. Santosh (Varun Sandesh) is a romantic at heart who falls in love with every girl he sees. Pooja (Vega) does not believe in love as she has seen her parents get divorced despite being in love before marriage. Her uncle and aunt keep fighting even though theirs is a love marriage and so Pooja keeps away from loving anyone. Priya (Sharanya Mohan) is unknown to love, when she gets to know about it she is fully committed and she shows true love. Love is all about being true to one self and the other. The confluence of these three ideologies forms the story. The picture revolves round Santosh and his happy go lucky attitude and his blind love for Pooja.

Artists Performance:

Direction is loose and wayward. The story does not create any interest and runs on expected lines. Varun Sandesh tries everything in the book to keep the audience engrossed, but he does not lift the spirit of the film. The less said about heroine Vega the better. She is a flop show. Sharanya Mohan looks cute, but that is where she begins and ends. Ravi Shankar as villain is ineffective and bizarre. Comedy by Ali and M S Narayana is stale and expected.

Plus Points:

Varun Sandesh's acting and dancing.
Sincerity in effort!
Clean move, no Vulgarity.

Minus Points:

Weak direction and screenplay!
The ending is unexpected and is an anticlimax. Confused conclusions drawn.
Too many twists at the end!
Casting misplaced!
Music and lyrics dull!


The naming is a misnomer. There is more sadness in the film than happiness. No nativity means audience will avoid this film. Love stories need good music, but the music is average except for one song. Camera angles look feeble and out of focus. Screenplay is amateurish and archaic.

Verdict: Avoid this film; there are better things to do in life than bearing this sadness.
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